Online Hybrid Map

This online map design was built for Esri to compliment their existing collection of basemaps available via This hybrid map overlays cultural and physical content on-top of their extensive collection of online imagery in their Satellite Image service. The objective of the map was to design a reference layer that enabled users to quickly locate places and orient themselves, while allowing the image to breath and remain the focal point of the map. The design objectives were as follows:

  • Enable users to quickly locate places on the image and orient themselves
  • Allow the image to breath and remain the focal point of the map
  • The reference layer should help organize and bring structure to the image
  • The reference layer should primarily only display non-visible image data (with the exception of transport lines).
  • Produce a design that has a unique ‘look and feel’
  • Professional design to compete with other online map services (Bing, Google, Mapbox)
  • Functions as a basemap and reference map
  • Support richly symbolized user overlays
  • Respect and maintains some of the symbology characteristics of Esri’s Street Map.
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