3D Player Movement

The Diorama of Player Movement was created using ArcScene and Esri’s CityEngine Web Viewer. This unique 3D GIS visualization helps coaches and players better understand the interaction of the spatial and temporal components of optical player tracking data and offers an unrivalled viewing experience of player movement data. The Diorama uses Space Time Cube theory to disaggregate the overlapping player movement lines by using the z axis of the cube to represent time. The min z value represents the start of the match and the max z value the end of the match. Along the base of the cube represents the x, y movement of the players – the planar court.

The 3D scene uses official Hawk-Eye data from the 2012 Basel match between Roger Federer and Paul-Henri Mathieu. For more information please visit

Click here to view the interactive application and explore these observations in more detail.

***The application is best viewed in Google Chrome, on a computer or laptop with high-speed internet.***

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