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Telegram set to release globes


Telegram Paper Goods are soon to release a highly detailed beautiful contemporary 32cm spinning globe that sits on a metal base.

It combines a blend of earthy tones and shaded relief with up-to-date and highly detailed information making the globe perfect for interior decorating, business or general reference use.

The globe is lovingly made by hand using traditional paper globe techniques. Environmentally friendly soy-ink is used to print the globe.

As the globe is made using paper strips, some geography and text may not match up. This is part of the traditional production method and we monitor quality control very closely.


- SIZE: Diameter 32cm
- Over 4000 features on the globe including, 2000 of the world’s major cities divided into four population categories.
- Over 2000 of the world’s major rivers, lakes, mountains, deserts, ocean, coastal and political features.
- Shaded relief combined with earthy bands of colour depicting ranges of elevation
- Ocean Bathymetry
- SCALE: 1:42,000,000 (at the equator)
- SOURCE: Map designed in Australia by Demap. Made in China and Korea.

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